William A. Sloper


   William Sloper, Esq., is a legal professional who is well-versed in many legal areas. Mr. Sloper will not advocate for you in an area that he is not experienced in. William Sloper brings a diverse background to the table, allowing him to advocate for you in many areas of law.

   This gives the law firm an edge when dealing with complex legal matters. Often, more than one area of legal experience is required. No need to hire a multitude of attorneys. Mr. Sloper can provide you with comprehensive legal support in many areas.

William A. Sloper, Attorney At Law offers free initial consultations. The services include:

·  Drunk Driving 

·  Domestic Violence/Spousal Abuse 

·  TRO Hearings     

               TRO Information 

·  Theft 

·  Hit and Run 

·  Drug Offenses 

·  Violent Crimes 

·  Juvenile Delinquency 

·  Suppression of Evidence Motions 

·  Bail Reduction Motions 

·  Expungement of Criminal Records 

·  White Collar Crimes 

·  Traffic Violations 

·  Sex Charges  

·  Suspended License 
William Sloper . . .  

Experience you can trust.