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William A. Sloper

When you find yourself facing the full weight of the government, everything in your life will change – At this law office we know that.

With 20 years of experience litigating on my clients' behalf, you can focus on your family, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case.

Despite a long list of popularized trials and achievements, when asked what I am most proud of, I always respond that it’s the list of  “quiet dispositions,” the “cases that never make the headlines and where no one knows I am the lawyer — the hundreds of cases where careers, families, and reputations were on the line and I was able to negotiate results that saved jobs, kept families together, and protected against a lifetime of shame.”

At this law office, I draw from our in-depth legal knowledge of state criminal laws in order to prevail in the criminal justice system. I aim to bring value to my clients and achieve their goals through a commitment to results, achievement, and aggressive advocacy. This is accomplished while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and ethical standards.

I believe that winning defense strategies require mental dexterity. As such, I paint defendants in a positive light and artfully present arguments geared toward winning over judges and juries. 

The moment you secure my representation, I will begin to investigate your case and work to unearth evidence that creates doubt in the prosecution’s case against you, planting seeds for acquittal. I will delve into police reports, obtain forensic testimonies, and identify weaknesses in the prosecution’s case.

These achievements are underscored by the fact that I have been retained by leading members of the legal, political, and business communities including law enforcement and other attorneys.