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William A. Sloper is committed to providing you with top notch legal support. He will approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding. He fight for you!



William A. Sloper Esq.

    Member National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

       Received specialized training with the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

                DWI Means Defend with Ingenuity seminar (2007)

Grand Jury Counsel
Terms (2015-2016) 

State of Hawaii Court Annexed Arbitration Program

Maui County Bar Association;
Board of Directors

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney;
County of Maui

1997 - 2005

    Member of the Maui County Prosecuting Attorney's Team of the Year (2005)

Former Supervisor Child Sexual Assault Unit

     Handled Drunk Driving offenses 

  • Domestic Violence 
  • Handled all level of criminal offenses 
  • Oral argument before the Hawaii Supreme Court 
  • Experienced Jury Trial Attorney 
  • Trained Maui police Department Officers 
  • Received specialized training at the National Advocacy Center; National District Attorney's Association:

                Trial Advocacy (2001)

                Lethal Weapon (DUI Homicide)(2002)

                Child Proof; Physical and Sexual Abuse(2004) 

  • Received specialized training at the National College of District Attorneys:

                Prosecuting Sexual Assault course (2004) 

  • Received specialized training with the United States Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Institute:

                 Lethal Weapon: DUI Homicide Workshop (1999) 

  • Received specialized training with the American Prosecutors Research Institute:

                 Investigation and Prosecution of Child Abuse (2000) 

  • Received specialized training from the International Association of Chiefs of Police:

                  Responding to Alien Crime (2001) 

  • Received specialized training from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

                  Protecting Children Online for Prosecutors (2004) 

  •  Attended San Diego Conference on Child and  Family Maltreatment (2003)